Dance Lesson Packages

We offer several different dance lesson packages to fit your needs. Every private lesson is customized to your skill level and vision for your dance.

Remember: Beginners are encouraged and welcomed! 


Nikki&Tom Wedding Dance

Dream Dance Wedding Package - 7 Private Lessons

Want to take your dancing to the next level and possibly be the next viral sensation? This package is for couples looking to tell their story with more flash, sizzle and fun! In your 7 hours of lessons, we will give you a choreographed dance that stands out above the rest. Created for you, a unique routine that fits your vision and personality! We will have adequate time to not only teach you moves but perfect and polish them so you SHINE on the dance floor.

This package is designed for:

  • Couples looking to up their dance game, big time!

  • Couples who are willing to dedicate time and energy into creating a magical dance that will tell their unique story.

  • Perfect for couples who know they need a little “extra” help on the dance floor and they fear 5 lessons won’t be enough.

  • Couples wanting to do a mash-up of songs for their dance.

  • Perfect for a combo pack! 5 lessons with your fiancé and 2 with your Dad or Mom, and Parents of the Bride/Groom. You can use the package however you like!

  • Wedding Party and Flash Mob Choreography

Investment: $650. You save $190.

Beth and Greg3.JPG

The Anti-Middle School First Dance - 5 Private Lessons

Our most popular package! This is the ideal package for those dancing to one song for their first dance. This package was designed to create and complete a memorable first dance in just 5 lessons. Your dance can include a fun entrance, choreography and a grand finale (like some dips or lifts). Lead and follow technique will be taught. Tell us your vision and we can bring it to life (even if your vision is “we don’t want to look like we’re at the middle school dance”).

This package is designed for:

  • First dances that use one song.

  • Choreographed Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances.

  • Perfect for a combo pack! If you are just wanting to master the basics, you could do 3 lessons with your fiancé and 2 with your Dad. You can use the package however you like!

Investment: $485. You save $115.

Caitlin and Kevin1.jpg

Sparkle Starter - 3 Private Dance Lessons

This package will get your feet wet with some partner dance basics. Avoid the awkward sway and learn some simple steps you can showcase in your dance.

This package is designed for:

  • Couples who only want to learn some basic steps.

  • Couples who have limited time for lessons.

  • Couples who are on a tight budget but still want to do more than rock back and forth during their moment in the spotlight.

  • Simple Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances.

Investment: $325. You save $35.

Katie and Chuck1.jpg

Dance Lessons a la Carte - 1 Private Lesson (1 hour)

Perfect for the last minute couple or for the couple that has a lot of dance experience but just needs a quick refresher.

In 1 or 2 private lessons we can teach you some basics, such as how to hold your frame (so you look stellar in your pictures) and some basic steps.

Investment: $120.00


We are happy to answer any questions you may have and help you get scheduled. You should hear from us within 24 hours.

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