What could be sweeter than a Son leading his Mother across the dance floor?

We all want to SHINE when we are in the spotlight and the Mother/Son dance is no exception. This is a memorable moment in the wedding and in life. It’s an opportunity to create a special dance your guests will enjoy watching and you will enjoy doing.

Dance lessons help to calm nerves and gain confidence.

GROOMS - we will teach you how to confidently lead your lovely mother on the dance floor.

MOTHERS - we will teach you how to follow (because let’s be honest… most women enjoy taking the lead on the dance floor!) and feel at ease in your steps.

Here are some ideas for a memorable Mother/Son Dance:

  • The classic (tear jerker!) Mother/Son dance. Your Son will learn how to confidently lead you across the floor and show you off with some simple turns. Proud Mama Moment!

  • A surprise Mother/Son dance. No one will be expecting this! You start with a classic Mother/Son slow song and then the music scratches and you bust out all the moves to your favorite song mix (yes you can!). A perfect opportunity to showcase your unique and vibrant personalities.

  • An upbeat Mother/Son dance. Who said your dance has to be slow? Maybe you do a fun swing or salsa number to change things up?

We truly love working with Mothers and Sons! This is such an exciting time and we are always honored to be a part of the process. No matter how many lessons you take, our staff will work with you to accomplish your goals and help you to sparkle during this once in a lifetime moment. 

Mother/Son Dance
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