Want to take your dance party to the next level? Get your wedding party involved!

Surprise your guests with a choreographed routine by your entire wedding party! We keep the choreography simple, entertaining and FUN.

Your wedding is a celebration and what better way to set the mood for a good time then a choreographed group dance? No prior dance experience necessary… We promise! 

Here are some ideas for wedding party dances:

  • Flash mob - You and your fiance kick off the routine and slowly your wedding party files in and joins the dance. With this format, it’s best to keep the choreography super simple and fun, so it’s easy for everyone to pick up.

  • Bridesmaid Only Dance - surprise your Groom with an all ladies dance, inspired to entertain and empower.

  • Groomsmen Only Dance - surprise your Bride with your dance skills and charm. Your boys are there to back you up!

  • A fully choreographed wedding party dance. It’s fun to do a mix of 3-4 fast songs and constantly change up the moves & vibe.

NOTE: For wedding party dances, we recommend our 7 private package. This will allow time to bring your vision to life.

wedding party dance